Industry Leader in Wellness and Recovery Equipment Introduces Two Adjustable Dumbbell Sets to Create a Compact and Portable Way to Build Strength at Home


Lifepro, industry leader in wellness and recovery equipment, announced today the expansion of a new collection focused on in-home strength training and weight lifting featuring two adjustable dumbbell sets, PowerUp and PowerFlow Plus. These new products will join the company’s robust collection of state-of-the art massage guns, cardio equipment, vibration plates, and massagers designed to provide consumers with affordable, professional grade low-impact workouts.

Following the recent launch of Lifepro’s foldable treadmills and under desk cardio machines, the company will continue to lean into compact convenience with the launch of its adjustable dumbbell line. With six weight sizes built into each model, members get the equivalent of twelve weights in one tight package. PowerUp ranges from 2.5 pounds up to 15 pounds and PowerFlow Plus includes intervals from 5 to 25 pounds for more advanced workouts. Both products can meet consumers at any stages of their fitness journey and in turn improve their athletic performance.

“As we continue to build out our athletic fitness portfolio, Lifepro continues to create products that will service a wide variety of consumers looking to prioritize their health and wellbeing,” said Joel Gottehrer, Co-Founder of Lifepro. “With the addition of PowerUp and PowerFlow Plus, it’s never been easier for our consumer base to replace a gym workout with at-home training and toning. These dumbbells can help anyone achieve their goals as they increase weight intervals through the progression of their fitness journey. We’re excited to provide an array of affordable options and further build out our fitness line for our loyal and growing members.”

Product Details:


  • PowerUp (2.5 – 15 LB Range) – $179.99
  • PowerFlow Plus One Dumbbell (5 – 25 LB Range) – $129.99
  • PowerFlow Plus Two Dumbbells (5 – 25 LB Range) – $199.99


PowerUp and PowerFlow Plus are sleek, compact adjustable dumbbells cleverly engineered to save space. With smooth wooden handles they look as good as they feel. The built-in adjustment system makes it easy to switch between weight intervals and each product includes six weight sizes. From lightweight to advanced lifting, this product is perfect for all fitness demographics looking to up their workout routine. PowerUp and PowerFlow Plus weights will help improve shape and tone each muscle while addressing the core. Consumers can also strengthen joints, improve athletic performance, boost metabolism and achieve a confident glow. Both PowerUp and PowerFlow Plus series will be 20% off through Thursday, April 8th at 11:59pm ET.

With the purchase of all Lifepro products, consumers are investing in tools built with the purpose of rejuvenating, toning and sculpting muscles. For those looking to achieve these goals, the new collection will be available for purchase on the Lifepro website as well as from For more information on Lifepro, please visit

About Lifepro

Lifepro was founded in May 2017 by Joel Gottehrer and his co-founder who both suffered severe ACL injuries just a few months apart and were left frustrated by the recovery equipment on the market. Seeing the benefits of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), the brand developed key recovery equipment missing from the market. Lifepro’s commitment to its members’ wellness journeys is seen through the evolution of existing products and introduction of new equipment designed to enhance recovery. Lifepro specializes in vibration platforms with a suite of products including multiple models of vibration plates, massage guns, vibrating foam rollers and more. Using vibration technology, Lifepro is applying a targeted approach to physical recovery that works with the body’s built-in repair mechanisms to help people accelerate recovery rates. Trusted by physical therapists, personal trainers, professional athletes, Lifepro has impacted over 200k lives with its suite of products since launching three years ago. For more information on Lifepro’s latest products and to stay up to date on news from the company, and follow the brand on social media via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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