Hip Hop’s first adult contemporary rap album is slated for release on Friday, February 12th by Washington, DC-based rap artist/producer Sean XLG.  The instrumental album is titled “There’s A Party Inside My Car” which offers a perfect blend of old school rhythms and dance beats with a hint of jazz. This timeless work is a smooth transition that reflects the growth and evolution of an art form that was born over 40 years ago.

Sean XLG


  1. Whoomp! Here It Is Again
  2. For Ol Skool Dances Only
  3. Bass (How Low Can You Go-Go)
  4. Everybody Move and No One Gets Hurt
  5. Drunk Off of Funk
  6. Somethin’ for the Grown N Sexy
  7. The Beat Made Me Do It
  8. Moments In Lovin’ Hip Hop
  9. Next Door to Tom’s Diner
  10. If Hip Hop and Jazz Had Sex
  11. 25th Dynasty (Back To Life)
  12. Krush Groove 2021

Sean XLG states, “I actually came up with the concept of adult contemporary hip hop 20 years ago.  Once I realized the industry was changing and fans and artists were getting older, it just made sense to create a style of rap music that reflects a continuation of growth.  People who love hip hop at 35 have a different lifestyle than they did at 18 so the music should reflect the same level of maturity.” 

Sean adds, “Back in the day, rap as an art form was diverse. We had everything from dance, comedy and slow jams to messages.  Lyrically, the music went into a different direction in terms of content and this is what we’re getting ready to bring back.”   

About the Artist: Sean XLG is the ultimate Hip Hop artist.  He’s the first rapper to win a national music competition, and as an activist, his musical talents helped pass Washington D.C.’s Initiative 37 (The nuclear weapon disarmament act). Sean is also the author of the best-selling book Hip Hop Hooray: Celebrating 30 Years of Rap Music.

About The Music: There’s A Party Inside My Car is available on all digital music outlets.


By Rod Washington

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